The Change With Data webinar series focuses on enabling you to achieve three strategic business outcomes with a data culture:

  • Better, faster, simpler decision-making
  • Individually personalised experiences for your prospects and customers
  • More efficient, more effective operations through your operation

Explore how data leaders drive their business and what you can do now to unlock the hidden value of data.
If you are serious about creating a data culture that lasts, this is the series to watch.

You can also find all of the session recordings on the Redkite YouTube channel

EPISODE 1: Cultivating YOUR Data Culture

Join Jon Tippell and Henry Crawford as they explore how enterprise organisations can cultivate a data culture by learning from younger, digital-first businesses. This episode will outline the value of a data culture and the six steps to create one.

EPISODE 2: The Modern Data Strategy

Join Kunal Gupta, Michelle Ma, and Kurtis Shinh as they describe how a data strategy will unlock the drivers of growth in the Next Normal. This episode will help explain how to identify the strategic business opportunities for data in your organisation, the priority data and analytics assets that you will want to put in place, and the operating model and roadmap that will unlock them.

EPISODE 3: Business Use-cases for Data

For the final episode of the three-part series, Rich Spencer and Jon Tippell will walk through the high-impact business use-cases that data leaders have delivered in 2020. This session will lay out tangible case-studies that you can apply in your business, spanning decision making, personalisation, and operations effectiveness.


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